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See you next year! 

A big thanks to everyone who made the 2030 Summit a success. 600 participants, including 80 clean tech startups and 150 VCs, joined us at Startuplab to promote real climate action.
20+ countries were represented in this international gathering.
Hope to see you next year.  

The countdown to 2030: a huge challenge, but an even bigger opportunity

The world is begging for new technological solutions to address the climate crisis, and brilliant cleantech startups are answering the call. Are you one of these? Then we welcome you to the 2030 Summit. This is where you will meet your potential partners, which come in all shapes and sizes: large corporations, national and international investors, incubators and accelerators, and politicians – all eager to bring your cleantech startup to the next level. 




A climate headache is a challenge or dilemma defined by a conscious company, ready to be tackled by a brilliant cleantech startup.


At the 2030 Summit you get the opportunity to meet 9 corporations seeking innovative technology solutions to their climate challenges. They aren’t looking for just any kind of cleantech – they’ve defined climate headaches that need remedies.


– Cleantech in Norway

“We need to embrace climate adaption - not just for the future, but for the present too!”

Helge Jørgensen, 7analytics, Bergen

As a geologist, Helge co-founded 7analytics, a fast-growing company created 3 years ago with a clear mission: to mitigate the impacts of climate change on urban areas. 7A’s innovative tools empowers cities to proactively adapt now to a rapidly changing climate. Helge has a constant learning mindset as CEO, and has, with some help from Startuplab's guidance to business creation, found the confidence to take on a leadership role in this fast-growing climate-tech startup. As he says, being an excellent technologist doesn't necessarily make you an excellent business leader, but now he is both.



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