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How Celsia met GC Rieber

Transforming ESG Reporting: GC Rieber and Celsia's Innovative Partnership

The collaboration between GC Rieber and Celsia began at the Connect conference, where they signed a Letter of Intent. This marked the start of a series of meetings, workshops, and follow-up sessions that led to a pilot project set to begin in Q1 2023.
Elin Kløverød, Innovation Developer at GC Rieber, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership: "Through the 2030 Startuplab program, we've met many exciting startups aiming to tackle our climate headache of improving ESG reporting. We're incredibly happy to start a development project with Celsia".




Streamlining Sustainability: GC Rieber and Celsia's Partnership for Impactful ESG Reporting

Revolutionizing ESG Reporting Efficiency

GC Rieber confronted a common corporate challenge: spending excessive time on data collection and ESG reporting without yielding significant impact. Determined to eliminate inefficiencies, inaccuracies, and lack of transparency in their sustainability reporting efforts, GC Rieber sought a transformative solution. In steps Celsia, a forward-thinking software company, poised to revolutionize how businesses measure and manage sustainability. Their collaboration aims to streamline ESG reporting processes, enabling GC Rieber to focus on deriving actionable insights that drive tangible change.

Accelerating Partnership: The Catalyst of the 2030 Program


The remarkable success of the partnership between GC Rieber and Celsia can be attributed to the catalytic effect of the 2030 program. This initiative provided a structured framework that facilitated rapid collaboration between the two entities within a matter of weeks. Petter Reistad, acknowledging the program's pivotal role, praised its ability to establish clear expectations for progress, ultimately culminating in a strategic partnership with a major Norwegian corporation. With aligned objectives and a shared vision, GC Rieber and Celsia are poised to revolutionize ESG reporting, inspiring colleagues, gaining a competitive edge, and delivering tangible value to society at large.

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GC Rieber is a dream partner for us. They have a forward-looking vision and a keen interest in developing the tool with us. We're proud they chose Celsia to streamline sustainability tracking and reporting.

Petter Reistad

Founder and CEO of Celsia

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