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The 2030 Summit provides a wide range of opportunities for corporations:

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  • Address specific climate challenges and drive substantial emission reductions

  • Foster innovation through strategic partnerships with Norway’s top climate tech startups

  • Cultivate a culture of innovation within your organization

  • Contribute to the expansion of Norway’s climate tech innovation on a global scale

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Are you committed to significantly reducing your corporation’s carbon footprint before the crucial

2030 climate deadline?

Each year, up to 2030, Startuplab hosts the exclusive 2030 Corporate Program. Participating corporations are guided through a structured process to identify some of their environmental challenges – referred to as 'climate headaches'. These are areas where your organization can make the most impactful emission reductions. Startuplab then facilitates access to cutting-edge solutions by pairing corporations with leading Norwegian climate tech startups.

On September 24th at the annual 2030 Summit, participants will engage in tailored meetings with startups to explore potential collaborations. The ultimate aim? To forge partnerships that tackle your climate headaches effectively and sustainably.

Interested in Joining the 2030 Corp Program?

The program is available to Startuplab Corp Partners. If you are already a partner, we encourage you to contact us without delay.

For those interested in partnership opportunities, learn more about our partner program and how to join here

Curious about what we mean by “climate headaches”?

Discover how last year’s participants addressed their climate challenges here. Stay tuned! We will unveil this year’s climate headaches on June 1st.

2030 Corp Partners

This year's 2030 Corp Partners

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