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How CoreCelium met Gjensidige

From Waste to Value: Gjensidige and CoreCelium's Innovative Partnership

Gjensidige, a prominent insurance company, identified a critical issue within their claims processes: the wastage of valuable building materials. Determined to address this challenge and reduce environmental impact, Gjensidige set out to find innovative solutions for repurposing these materials rather than discarding them. This quest led them to forge a promising partnership with CoreCelium, a pioneering startup specializing in the production and distribution of eco-friendly insulation materials derived from mycological biopolymers and agricultural waste. The encounter between Tawfeq from CoreCelium and representatives from Gjensidige at the 2030 Summit sparked a dialogue that would pave the way for collaboration. CoreCelium's innovative solution resonated with Gjensidige's sustainability goals, igniting a shared commitment to finding practical and environmentally responsible alternatives for managing building materials within the insurance industry.




Transforming Waste into Innovation: Gjensidige and CoreCelium's Sustainable Partnership

Testing the Potential of Repurposed Wood Materials

In a pioneering pilot collaboration, Gjensidige and CoreCelium embarked on a journey to explore the transformative potential of wood materials obtained from Gjensidige's claims processes. Together, they sought to ascertain whether these materials could be repurposed into high-quality insulation, thereby mitigating waste and reducing environmental impact. This innovative partnership served as a testbed for sustainability, offering a glimpse into the feasibility of repurposing materials that would otherwise be discarded, thus presenting a promising avenue for environmental stewardship within the insurance industry.

Pioneering Sustainable Solutions


Through their collaboration, Gjensidige and CoreCelium seized a unique opportunity to champion environmental responsibility and innovation. By repurposing wood materials into high-quality insulation, they not only demonstrated their commitment to sustainability but also paved the way for the wider adoption of eco-friendly practices within the insurance sector. This partnership underscored the transformative power of collaboration in driving meaningful change and fostering a more sustainable future for generations to come.

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Startuplab has given us the chance to define a climate headache, meet 24 startups, and sign Letters of Intent with two of them. It's clear that Startuplab is not only an incubator for startups but also a catalyst for established businesses.

Amar Murtaza

Sustainability Manager at Gjensidige

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