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How Infotiles met TRYG

Solving water damage in housing cooperatives

Tryg, one of the largest insurance companies in the Nordic region, joined forces with Infotiles, to address a pressing issue: water damage in housing cooperatives. Their partnership began with an in-depth assessment of the problem, gathering crucial data that shed light on the severity and impact of water damage in these communities.




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Advancing Water Damage Mitigation: Infotiles and Tryg's Collaborative Initiative

Transitioning to Phase 1: Innovating Water Damage Management

With this information in hand, the goal is to transition into Phase 1 of a collaborative project aimed at mitigating and managing water damage more effectively. Infotiles and Tryg are excited to leverage innovative solutions to create safer, more resilient housing cooperatives.

Strengthening Collaboration: Driving Towards Sustainable Housing Solutions

As the journey unfolds, steady progress is being made on the contract and future plans. This direct collaboration with Tryg will strengthen the partnership and accelerate the delivery of impactful results. Together, Infotiles and Tryg are paving the way for a more secure and sustainable future for housing cooperatives across the region.

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