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The 2030 Summit is organised by Startuplab, Norway's largest tech incubator and most active early stage investor. 


In 2020, Norway set ambitious climate goals to be achieved by 2030. Working in the intersection between ambitious tech startups and the country's largest corporations, we wanted to contribute in the acceleration of the green transition. We founded the the 2030 Programme, where we invite our corporate partners to seek collaborations with ambitious climate tech startups in order to solve climate challenges.

The 2030 Summit, organised for the first time in 2023, is the result of a desire to create a meeting arena that includes a wider range of players – not only climate focused startups and corporates, but also investors, politicians, the public sector and NGO's – all eager to take real climate action together. 

The event has since evolved to become Norway’s largest climate tech stage, and is organised as a yearly countdown to the year of 2030.


What is 2030?


“We need to embrace climate adaption - not just for the future, but for the present too!”

Helge Jørgensen, 7analytics, Bergen

As a geologist, Helge co-founded 7analytics, a fast-growing company created 3 years ago with a clear mission: to mitigate the impacts of climate change on urban areas. 7A’s innovative tools empowers cities to proactively adapt now to a rapidly changing climate. Helge has a constant learning mindset as CEO, and has, with some help from Startuplab's guidance to business creation, found the confidence to take on a leadership role in this fast-growing climate-tech startup. As he says, being an excellent technologist doesn't necessarily make you an excellent business leader, but now he is both.

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