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How EI solutions met DNV

Enabling Green Financing: DNV and EI Solutions' Collaborative Journey

DNV joined 2030 Startuplab with a climate headache related to high quality local ESG data, and met EI Solutions. Together with DNV, EI Solutions is facilitating green financing for sustainable properties in accordance with the EU taxonomy. EI Solutions provides data, analysis, and documentation that DNV verifies as compliant with regulations.





Revolutionizing Green Financing: DNV and EI Solutions' Collaboration

Streamlining Verification: A Catalyst for Growth

Banks typically require third-party verification for green loans. By collaborating with DNV, the goal is to streamline the verification process, allowing for faster scaling of the product through automated data sharing. EI Solutions is compensated by DNV for "reselling" verification to the end customer, potentially leading to a strategic partnership in the future.

Proof of Concept: Optimizing Financing for Green Buildings

This collaboration serves as a proof of concept for EI Solutions' product and ensures that green buildings receive optimal financing terms, saving customers significantly over the loan's term.


Participation in the 2030 Startuplab program allowed EI Solutions to connect with DNV and establish the partnership. EI Solutions conducts analysis, due diligence, and reporting, while DNV verifies their documentation as a Second Party Opinion (SPO), required by banks and green bond frameworks for better financing terms.

The collaboration demonstrates how EI Solutions' product made DNV's verification process seamless, leading to a smooth and efficient working relationship.

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