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Where and when is the 2030 Summit? 

Date: September 24th 2024

Time: 08:00 - 16:00 

Where: Oslo Science Park: Gaustadalléen 21, 0349 Oslo


How do we define cleantech? 

Cleantech looks at cleaning humanity’s impact on the environment, and focuses on:

- Clean water

- Recycling & waste

- Air quality & pollution

- Clean energy

- Built environment

- Supply chain

- Transportation

- Geo Engineering

- AgTech

- Afforestation

- Carbon capture


Who can attend the 2030 Summit?  

You can attend the 2030 Summit if:

  • You have an idea, a product ready to be piloted, or a scalable startup that tackles the climate crisis

  • You’re an investor interested in investing in early-stage Norwegian cleantech companies

  • You’re a climate-focused professional working in a corporation, the public sector, or an NGO

How many people from my startup can I bring to the 2030 Summit?
Up to two team members.


Who can I expect to be at the 2030 Summit?
a) Startups: We’re inviting the most ambitious cleantech startups from Norway to the 2030 Summit. 


b) 2030 Corporate Partners: Large Norwegian corporations who have defined climate challenges for which they will be seaking technological solutions at the 2030 Summit.  They're eager to get connect with cleantech startups with potential solutions. This year's 2030 Corporate Partners and their climate challenges will be announced June 10th. 


c) Investors: National and international investors eager to discover the newest cleantech innovation from Norway will be attending the 2030 Summit. We’ll set up areas for mingling that facilitate making valuable connections.  

d) Attendees: In addition to corporations and investors, you can expect to meet climate-focused professionals working in corporations, the public sector, and NGOs – eager to help accelerate startup-fuelled climate action. 

e) Team Startuplab: Team Startuplab is the driving force behind the 2030 Summit. We’re a team of 22 people, and our biggest mission is to help you on your way to success. Reach out to us before, during, or after the 2030 Summit if you have any questions regarding membership at Startuplab, investment opportunities, or any other startup related inquiries. 


What can I expect as a result of participating at the 2030 Summit as a cleantech startup?

Pilot projects
The  2030 Summit provides an arena for ambitious cleantech startups to meet with established companies to form collaborative partnerships. However, it’s up to you to land an agreement. The partners are open to signing LOIs  with startups that present solutions to their specific climate headaches. An LOI usually signals the transition from casual discussions to more serious negotiations. Signing an LOI does not mean that a deal is finalized, but it indicates a level of seriousness and intention, and can assist both parties in the collaboration process.



If your tech solution is outside the scope of our partners’ climate headaches, no worries! Join the party regardless – there will be great networking opportunities. You can expect to meet climate-focused professionals working in corporations, the public sector, and NGOs – all eager to help you accelerate your innovation. 


If you have any questions, please contact us at and we will respond as quickly as possible.

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