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How GRIN met Oslo municipality

Innovating Toward a Circular Economy: GRIN and Oslo Municipality's Zero-Waste Takeaway Pilot


The partnership between GRIN, a Norwegian green technology startup, and Oslo Municipality emerged from the 2030 climate program, where they collaborated on a small pilot project that eventually expanded into a full-scale partnership with the government quarter's cafeteria. This collaboration successfully reduced waste by 1 ton per month and inspired others, becoming a commercial springboard for GRIN.





Revolutionizing Sustainability: GRIN's Return Platform for Reusable Packaging Solutions

GRIN's Innovative Pilot Project

In an era where environmental consciousness is paramount, GRIN unveils a groundbreaking solution: a smart return platform that not only redefines product returns but also spearheads a paradigm shift towards sustainable packaging practices. Leveraging cutting-edge sensors and IoT connectivity, GRIN's platform ensures seamless identification and validation of returned items, seamlessly integrating data with cloud-based digital incentive and deposit schemes.

At the heart of this innovation lies a mission to eliminate disposable food and beverage packaging, replacing it with a robust system for reusable alternatives. The pilot project, launched during Oslo Innovation Week 2022, marked a pivotal moment in GRIN's journey. Through rigorous testing of the return system and the reuse of containers across various locations, the project aimed to demonstrate its efficacy and potential for widespread adoption.

SmartOslo's Support


The pilot project received support from SmartOslo, which funds innovative test and development projects in Oslo Municipality. The funding program addresses challenges in areas such as climate, health, digitization, and mobility through collaboration with the business sector, offering grants of NOK 50K-1M with a minimum 50% self-contribution requirement. With SmartOslo's backing, GRIN's initiative gained not just financial support but also validation of its importance in addressing key societal and environmental challenges. Together, GRIN and SmartOslo are paving the way for a greener, more sustainable future.

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Circularity is all about collaboration, and the pilot project that came as a result of our 2030 participation opened the doors to a collaboration with the City of Oslo and fellow Norwegian circular startup AION that is continuously leading to new projects and customers.

Daniel Millet

Chief Business Development

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