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How Infraspace met Nye Veier

Revolutionizing Infrastructure with Generative Design: Infraspace and Nye Veier's Partnership

Infrastructure projects often bring significant environmental impact, a reality highlighted in the NRK article "Norge i rødt, hvitt og grått." Recognizing this challenge, Nye Veier and Infraspace connected through the 2030 program and embarked on a collaborative journey to minimize the footprint of major road projects.





Bridging Innovation for Sustainable Roads

Nye Veier's Environmental Imperative: Navigating the Intersection of Progress and Preservation

Nye Veier found themselves at a crossroads, grappling with the environmental repercussions of advancing road infrastructure. Their concern extended beyond mere progress; they sought solutions that could harmonize economic development with ecological preservation. With a keen eye on sustainability, they aimed to enhance decision-making processes by amplifying nature's role, allowing for a thorough assessment of the quantitative impacts on the environment and landscape throughout the project's lifecycle.

Infraspace's Technological Odyssey: Revolutionizing Infrastructure Construction

The pilot project received support from SmartOslo, which funds innovative test and development projects in Oslo Municipality. The funding program addresses challenges in areas such as climate, health, digitization, and mobility through collaboration with the business sector, offering grants of NOK 50K-1M with a minimum 50% self-contribution requirement. With SmartOslo's backing, GRIN's initiative gained not just financial support but also validation of its importance in addressing key societal and environmental challenges. Together, GRIN and SmartOslo are paving the way for a greener, more sustainable future.


Their collaborative research and development initiative yielded promising results, showcasing how the platform not only streamlines processes but also delivers tangible benefits. By offering immediate insights during the early planning stages, it effectively saves time, cuts costs, and minimizes environmental impact. This fruitful partnership not only advances Nye Veier's sustainability agenda but also propels Infraspace's commercial success, setting a precedent for future collaborations in the realm of sustainable infrastructure development.

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