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How 7analytics met Obos

A Pioneering Partnership in Predictive Risk Management for Sustainable Development

Climate change and urbanization pose persistent challenges for developers such as Obos, who grapple with evolving risk profiles. In response, 7Analytics, a pioneering startup, has developed cutting-edge digital analysis tools designed to forecast risk and avert property and infrastructure damage stemming from weather and climate-related incidents. Notably, Obos and other companies have embraced this innovative platform, integrating it into their planning processes for new residential developments. Furthermore, Obos's investment in 7Analytics has not only propelled its growth but also positioned it for international expansion, underscoring the momentum behind this transformative partnership.





Forecasting Resilience: 7Analytics' Game-Changing Tools for Climate Risk Management

Unveiling Predictive Power: Enhancing Urban Infrastructure Resilience

7Analytics, an award-winning startup, stands at the forefront of innovation with its groundbreaking data platform designed to anticipate and mitigate the impacts of water runoff, floods, and landslides. Recognized for its efficacy, this technology plays a pivotal role in bolstering the resilience of urban infrastructure and residential areas, offering invaluable insights into potential risks and enabling proactive measures to mitigate them.

Strategic Collaboration: Navigating Climate Challenges with OBOS

Embracing the imperative for comprehensive risk management amidst ongoing climate change and rapid urbanization, OBOS, a prominent developer, has forged a strategic partnership with 7Analytics. Birgitte Molstad, OBOS's Environmental Director, underscores the significance of this collaboration in addressing evolving environmental risks. By integrating 7Analytics' innovative digital tools into their construction projects, OBOS gains the foresight needed to safeguard against weather and climate-related events, ensuring the resilience of their properties and infrastructure. This partnership not only exemplifies the transformative potential of innovative solutions but also highlights the pivotal role of collaboration in navigating the challenges of a changing environment.

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The 2030 gave us the opportunity to open doors into large Norwegian corporate players, including OBOS. Now OBOS stands as an important part of the 7Analytics story, as investor and customer. And everything started with 2030.

Jonas Torland

co-founder at 7Analytics

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